Fall Bulbs

Posted on October 17th, 2011 in category "Tips"

You know fall has arrived when it’s time to change the clocks; the daylight hours suddenly get shorter…which means we use more electricity to illuminate our homes. Are you using energy efficient light bulbs? A few tips to keep in mind when shopping for new light bulbs:

LED (light-emitting diode) – unlike fluorescent, LED does not contain mercury, does not emit harmful UV rays and they last tens of thousands of hours. Be sure to check for the “Lighting Facts” label to insure accuracy of the lamp specs provided.

CFL (screw-in compact fluorescent) – look for the Energy Star label for better quality bulbs. When buying dimmable fluorescent bulbs, check to be sure it is compatible with your wall switch dimmer. Screw-in compact fluorescent light bulbs have mercury in them and need to be recycled, so don’t throw them in the trash.

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