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The Next Phase…

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The process began in 2011 with the FTC (Federal Trade Commission) legislation to implement new Lighting Fact Labels on all light bulb packaging. Now instead of buying a light bulb by wattage alone, we can compare lumen output, average bulb life, color temperature and energy used.

The EISA (Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007) phase out of general service incandescent light bulbs began in January 2012. The 100W medium base (E26) was the first to go. This popular light bulb, which we used for the last century, has been replaced with an Eco 72W halogen. Also included in phase 1 were limitations for candelabra and intermediate base lamps, reflector incandescent and general service fluorescent lamps.

The next phase of the EISA legislation goes into effect January 2013. This phase out will include the 75W medium base (E26) general service light bulb. To be followed in January 2014 with the phase out of the 60W and 40W medium base bulbs. The 75W lamp is being replaced with a 53W halogen, the 60W with a 43W halogen and the 40W will be replaced with a 29W halogen. Many specialty lamps are excluded from the new regulations.

The Eco halogen replacements have a halogen bulb enclosed in a medium base (E26) A19 shape incandescent envelope, so they will fit all fixtures that take an incandescent bulb. They can be dimmed with a standard incandescent dimmer. The Eco Halogens are also available in 29/43/72W A19 shape for portable lamps with 3-way switches. Plus there are many more halogen shapes being introduced, such as G lamps and medium base chandelier lamps.

Remember; look for the bulb that gives you the highest lumens per watt (LPW) and you will get the most for your dollars spent. Please contact us with any questions about EISA compliance or for more detailed information.

Holiday Schedule

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Artemide Sale Countdown

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There are only a couple of weeks left to take advantage of the 25% sale on the Artemide Tolomeo series. Don’t miss out, order yours today! Sale ends December 31, 2012.

Holiday Shopping

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Don’t forget the Artemide Tolomeo this Holiday Season. If you know Artemide, you know they don’t have a sale very often. All Tolomeo designs are 25% off until the end of the year. Pick one up today! Happy Friday!

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