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Color…The Future

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WorldPaletteNext2015Color Group Marketing, founded in 1962 is a not-for-profit international association of color design experts who forecast color directions ®. Color forecasting events – ChromaZones – are held throughout the world and the results from these events are revealed at CMG’s annual International Summit. CMG members then interpret that information into salable colors for manufactured products and services across all industries.

For the first time, Color Marketing Group debuts its World Palette Next, considering 2015+.  Color is never about just one hue, so multiple colors emerge to tell the story.  The palette is comprised of four key colors that resonate around the globe and are comfortable no matter where they are used.

the fresh hue of Spring Fever reminds us that growth is eternal.  Introduced by the Asia Pacific panels, it is a green of nature and is healthy, vibrant, and vigorous.

a metallic copper and pepper red from the European and Latin American panels. Copper has long held alleged healing properties and its warm glow casts a sense of authenticity and heritage. Malagueta Red, often symbolizing passion, is also a color health and spurs our creativity.

around the world, however, balance is important and this will be provided with Smoky Cashmere from the North American panels.  Merging grey and brown, it is also a hue that evolves from now to the coming years.

About Chandeliers

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C7947Are you thinking about getting a new chandelier before the Holiday season? Don’t get caught in an “Oh No!” Figure out the right size for your room and/or dining table before you buy. Find everything you need to know to size your chandelier on our FAQ page. And, be sure to check our chandeliers or pendants in our store. Happy shopping!

Thanksgiving Schedule

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Holiday Lights – Safety First

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HolidayLightsMany of us will be hanging Holiday lights this weekend; the season is upon us! Sometimes we get busy and forget to put safety first, here are a few do’s and don’ts:
Do – throw away those old lights and replace them with LED. LED Holiday lights use a fraction of the energy, they are cool to the touch, they will outlast the old incandescent lights and they have great intense color.
Do – make sure the lights are rated for outdoor use when installing outdoors.
Do – use only outdoor rated extension cords.
Do – plug the lights into a ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) outlet or use extension cords with a GFCI on the cord.
Do – use plastic hooks instead of metal, staples or nails.
Do – tuck cords away out of the reach of children and small pets. Avoid running cords under carpets.
Don’t – connect too many strings of lights together. Be sure to read the manufacturer’s recommendations.
Don’t – plug one plug strip into another. Plugs strips are not approved to be joined together.
Don’t – leave the lights up over 90-days. Holiday lights are approved for temporary installations only.

Do – Have a wonderful and safe Holiday season!

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