What’s in a name?

Posted on March 26th, 2014 in category "Uncategorized"

Porteco_LogoDo you ever wonder what the story is behind a logo, a brand, a slogan? How did they come up with that idea? A customer asked that very question the other day and it occurred to us that is has been a long time since we have shared our story.

Porteco spelled with an E instead of an I is pronounced Portico. Porteco with an E is a spelling created to obtain a domain name. It does get more and more difficult to get those .com URLs. However you wish to pronounce it (PortEco, PorTeco, Porteco) is fine with us!  …we get many variations.

The name Porteco also has many meanings for us: It is short for Portland Eco Lighting which matches our business philosophy perfectly, Lighting for Sustainable Living. The word portico (or in this case Porteco) is an entrance, a new beginning. Which is exactly what our customers are experiencing when they buy a new home, remodel a space, or simply buy a new lamp. It is an entrance into something new and rewarding.

What about those three vertical bars on the logo? They represent the colonnade or the support to the entrance. Porteco Lighting is here to support you through the entire process of lighting your environment.

The blue circle represents the earth and the green print represents the ECO aspect of our business. Lighting for Sustainable Living; we only have one earth and we need to protect it with quality, efficient and sustainable lighting practices.

So that is our story behind the logo and why the name is spelled the way it is!

A Bit of History

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edison-with-bulbLight is a fundamental part of human life, it enables us to see the world around us. Once our days were limited by the sun’s natural light, today artificial light sources allow us to live our lives 24/7. The first artificial light source was invented in 1879 by Thomas Edison – the incandescent light bulb. The use of this new light source was limited to larger cities until 1935 when the Rural Electric Administration (REA) started bringing electricity to the masses.

The turn of the century also brought new innovations to the construction industry as the first skyscrapers were built. We now had large buildings and needed to light them. We installed thousands of the new incandescent light bulbs and we burned thousands of watts of power. Life was good, we could see and perform our tasks well into the night, we no longer had to fear deadly fires caused by lanterns and we had a renewable power resource in hydroelectric dams. And so it went until the invention of the fluorescent light bulb in 1938.

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