New ~ SLAMP!

Posted on March 26th, 2015 in category "New"

SlampEvery day is the first day of creation. SLAMP started in 1994 by Roberto Ziliani was something new to the Italian design arena. A business that could offer high quality lamps, where an artisan’s eye to detail would meet the excellence of industrial production. Products made with patented and innovative materials that were going to be unique and immediately recognizable. Today it is one of the most representative brand-names in the field of decorative designer lighting; an actual point of reference for anyone wishing to possess a much sought-after, original, exclusive object. The success of SLAMP is all in its DNA, which consists of curiosity for new materials and experimentation and trust in one’s instinct but always through futuristic engineering solutions. Because what matters to SLAMP is to overcome itself. Always.

Porteco Lighting is pleased to have SLAMP on display in our showroom! Beauty, innovation and quality ~ we are loving SLAMP! Please stop by and check them out in person we know you will love them too!

Spring Forever!

Posted on March 12th, 2015 in category "Tips"

SpringForeverWe love to follow color trends and get excited when we receive the Color Alert news-letter from Color Marketing Group. Selected back in 2013 for spring 2015, from the Asia Pacific Forecast Group….Spring Forever!

Celebrate the confident side of nature with “Spring Forever.” This green, with a strong yellow influence, is a hue reminiscent of a cool morning in the garden, as well as a fresh take on your local produce aisle.

This is not a fragile green. This spirited color denies any mention of the doldrums, instead appearing self-assured and bold whether appearing in fashion or adapted for home décor. It makes a statement of authority that says, “The difficulty of winter is over! Long live Spring!”