Ceiling Fans

Posted on May 27th, 2015 in category "Tips"

Duplo-chromeLike many other aspects of home design, choosing the best ceiling fan for your space can be daunting. There are many brands to choose from, find one that offers a style and a finish that you like. Most fan manufacturers offer several styles from traditional to modern contemporary, and many offer outdoor models. Keep in mind the scale of the fan for the room in which it will be installed.

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The Frankenstein Tip

Posted on May 9th, 2015 in category "Tips"

MR16_BasesMany light bulbs go by the same name yet they are very different. Here is a quick tip to remember what is what when it comes to the MR16 light bulbs. MR16 (mirrored reflector) light bulbs are available in both line voltage (120V) and low voltage (12V or 24V). How do you tell the difference?

We like to use the Frankenstein method. If the light bulb has Frankenstein knobs like the picture on the left, it is 120V with a GU10 base. The GU10 base is called a twist and lock base. This GU10 MR16 bulb is halogen and can be dimmed with a standard incandescent dimmer. There are LED versions available.

If the light bulb has a bi-pin base, like the picture on the right. It is a low voltage bulb, the most common is 12V. The MR16 bi-pin base is called a GU5.3 base because of the width between the pins. This GU5.3 MR16 bulb is halogen and requires a low voltage transformer. The dimmer is determined by the transformer; either electronic low voltage or magnetic low voltage. There are LED versions available.

So, the next time you are buying lights bulbs just rememberā€¦Frankenstein knobs = higher voltage!